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Originally posted by Chairman Yang
I didnt think I had said anything worse than usual, or maybe thats just cause I hadnt done anything that spectacular from my perspective.
You said you'd taken "a bunch of painkillers". It doesn't take many paracetamols to kill. Hence the attempt to contact you.

If you want to take potentially lethal action, and quietly go off to do so then it's entirely your look-out. However the moment you announce as much in public then you have to accept that others will feel an obligation to try to help you, whether they like you or think you're an arsehole. That's society for you. It's how it works, and if those left-wing beliefs you profess to are anything other than just jerk-off posturing then you'll already know that.

The bottom line is that we now know we can reach you, and if you pull any more stunts like that we'll have the police round again. So cut it out and concentrate on growing up instead.
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