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I got myself a MSN messanger and since I'm the nocturnal type these days if at some time at night you wanna talk Yang, look me up. My MSN handle will be at your PM shortly and when I'm online I'll have it on. Or post at CG or whatever else you feel like. I might not be there at every time you'd like to talk some chit chat or anything, know this as you already do.

Anyway don't worry too much about your image, these things can be forgotten and you're only 17. Try to avoid any experimenting with pills out of boredom or depression or whatever in the future, wether you post about it or not. I can understand how embarassed you must feel but screw them all really it's just a game and you're at the beggining. Don't take anything too seriously.

If you'd fancy to talk to someone who's "specialized" at that short of thing (which thing is nothing special or unique, don't worry) I'd say go for it. Think of it as another game. What can happen? You might actually find it amusing busting someone's balls with whatever you like to talk about. And it might make you feel better. Anyway nothing serious, nothing terminal, the people here did what they thought was best, embarassment will fade away gradually and the game goes on.
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