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Now, try not to get me wrong, I get off as very grumpy and ungrateful. Its just it didnt really help. I am indeed grateful for the effort if thats what it was, however from my perspective it ended up in getting signed up as suicidial by the cops, teachers and people I know finds out, people that cant help me the slightest, people that I would never dream of telling any of my depressions or any thoughts at all for that matter, people that will glare at me, gossip and look down on me. There was never any chance for any help even if I had wanted to jump one, the cop told me to get help and wrote my name up, the teacher told me she was glad 'everything was ok' and to see me on monday for school as I said, in other words she dont give shit, and lets not even mention my so called friends.

Now, if you argue I shouldnt be spoiled or lazy and seek help myself and not just wait for it, I couldve thought of that myself. This whole business didnt really kick me in the right direction to seek help, not that anything could, but still.
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