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Originally posted by Chris
Quite a few people broke their asses for you, cheers to Laz, Scabby, and Provost, good men all, who give a shit about people.
Ja, quite a bit of detective work. *applause*

ach, the problem isnt that I go about doing stupid things, it is that Im so stupid I take it to places like this. I need to learn to shut it up better and not whine so much, puts me in shit like this. Unt dann, wenn everyone goes through all this trouble and I try to limit the damage on my behalf, I seem ungrateful and like Im trying to blame someone else for it. However, I shall not be forced into sharing with my mother nor any of my teachers which of whom I trust no one, because of this. I wont bother you lot with it anymore though, and yes I do believe I said that last time as well, but I wouldnt break it twice I think.
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