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Originally posted by Shining1
Erm, WMD? A rushed war based on lies and misinformation with no plan for how to win the peace. And which meanwhile stretchs the resources of the war on terrorism to extremes, as well as creating a fertile new recruiting ground for the enemy...?

That kind of behaviour is not cause to chill out. Like much of the rest of the world, I'm kinda holding my breath waiting to see 'what happens next'.
Most people believed he had WMD, including Saddam himself, prior to the showdown.

We seem to be winning the peace in Afghanistan. Give Iraq a chance.

As far as the resources of the war on terror, they have the Jihadists going to Iraq, not England, France, the US, or elsewhere.

Most of all, nothing would be different if Kerry had won. The chances for things to go well now are no less than they would have been if the result were different.

Like a little bit of the world, I can't see what else Bush could do wrong from here on out that Kerry might not be more likely to do.
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