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Originally posted by notyoueither
1. During his first tem Bush, and the country, got blind-sided by an attack that wasted a good chunk of downtown Manhattan and 3000 people. That ain't gonna happen every day, if ever again.

2. The deposition of Saddam was a long standing policy of the United States. Prior to Bush, Congress had passed measures to that effect that were signed by radical war mongers of the likes of Clinton. The fact they passed another one specifically allowing Bush to use force should have been all that the rest of the world needed to know that they were serious, and they were going in. Blow all the gaskets you will, but their intentions were plain. Blaming just them for fractured alliances is a little... bitchy.

It ain't likely that Bush is gonna get the leash he needs to get any more adventuresome. If he did, it would require Congress, all of whom are subject to reelection, to go along with him. That is really unlikely in the absense of another attack on the US.
Conclusion. There's going to be another attack.
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