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Well, the CD drive runs constantly for no obvious reason, and zone loading is slower than other games, so I imagine there's some sort of draconian copy protection system hogging up resources. My computer is a little over three years old and runs OK at medium settings.

its modern english

I got a contract yesterday to kill Ghouls, so instead of running right out and whacking away at them, I went to a bookseller and bought a book on ghouls, read it, learned they were weak against silver weapons and a certain weapon oil. I made the weapon oil with alchemy, went to the graveyard, put the oil on my silver weapon and made quick work of them. I could have just run straight to the graveyard and started whacking away with different weapons and combat styles to see what worked through trial and error, but I like that there's usually a more thoughtful option available than "smack it with the biggest stick you can find and chug healing potions". Actually, you can't just chug more than a handful of potions without resting or you start to suffer negative side effects, which was also a neat idea.

Its not a mind-blowing game, but enjoyable. They tried some different things (different to me, anyway) with gameplay and a lot of them worked pretty well.
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