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Actually enjoyed that more than the main quest...

Saw some pretty unusual places that you never usually go near as well

Fallout 3 tourist guide places to see:

Little lamplight - in the main quest but such a suprise.
The Oasis - Definitely worth finding
Girdershade - just for the metaphores
The Satcom arrays - play around with the computers
Ten-penny tower - now a ghoul town in my game
Paradise Falls - for some righteous arse kicking.
The Republic of Dave - I prefered it when it was the Monarchy of Bob
Agatha's House - for when you can't get enough of voilin music
Rockopolis - cos its not on the map
The Lincoln memorial (hell any of the big washington lamndmarks)
Arlington Cemetary - and check out the extra radio station.

Still havnt been to vault-tec, nagatomi plaza (I think thats right) or the nuka-cola plant...
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