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ok, the grenade trick I like even better than tipping brahmin, I had forgotten you could do that in the earlier games.

I followed an NPC I completed a quest for yesterday all over the DC metro, and when he finally exited, and the jackass just disappeared. I know he was up to something, because I'd collected a bunch of keys for him. I reloaded, shot him in the head and took the keys back. Maybe I'll stumble on where they're used later. Maybe I wasn't supposed to follow him, but if that's the case, have him disappear on leaving the first area, not after I've followed him all over downtown.

The early game can be really hard depending on how you build your character, but other than taking next to no intelligence so you have not skill points to spend, I can't see a way to fail once you're level 20. You could even make up for a low int by hunting down books and taking perks that buff skills or the skill you get from reading books.

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