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BTW, because I kept having problems last night (I didn't have Net 3.0 installed, I do now, maybe that was it) and won't be able to play tonight, a quick rundown on my game:

My stats are
Str 2
Per 9
End 2
Cha 9
Int 2
Agi 7
Lck 9

I am trying to play a bit like a spoiled, manipulative girl, but one who is still naturally kind. I intend to play her as someone who flirts with everyone (male and female). I discovered that the verse starts to have something behind it, but it requires a lock pick of 50 which I didn't have.

I filled out the GOAT and they told me I should be a waste management specialist! That is apparently explosives, speach, and something else? Anyways, instead I picked speach, lockpicking, and energy weapons.

I was worried about my freind, so I gave her back the pistol that she was offering me. Then I sneaked by the first guard, and the Tunnel Snake guy found me hiding in the men's bathroom. I inspired him to go help his mom, which he did, and he gave me his tunnel snake jacket!

Up stairs I ran into a guard, and shot him with my BB gun a bit, but he hit me! and so I ran away and he got killed by some radroaches.

I was looking for something to use to help my freind, but then she shot the officer who was beating her and ran to where I was and returned to me the gun. Then I went down the secret tunnel and the game crashed and I called it a night.

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