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Not sure how to take your comment, but anyway...

1. Nobody has laid the groundwork for us to go into NK, right now. It seems to have been pushed by the people who didn't want to go into Iraq. (I.e. say that we ought to attack NK to dissuade the attack on Iraq...not out of really serious desire to go into NK.). Who knows, down the road of course...

2. The idea of taking out a head of state/oppostiing general is a very old one. With a lot behind it.

3. It would have limited effect on the US because of the way that we delegate a lot of decision-making down. And because we have an orderly method of succession. And because it would increase public sympathy towards a war rather than decrease it (as in a dictatorship).

4. Security is tight. I walked by the White House shortly before the war started...
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