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very good site, MM

"We got hell for it this time around"
I hadn't noticed you cared, and this time 1) nobody can accuse you of stealing natural resources (there are none) 2) you won't have to look for evidences of WMD, they already admitted on having them 3) human right abuses are evn worse

"America would freak about another Vietnam"
Possibly, and you're better placed than I to judge. However there are already plenty US soldiers active in Asia (notably in the Philipines), and the historical comparison would be with the Korean war, not the Vietnam one.

Scabrous : I hear what you say. However, let's imagine a me too Hitler with only one difference (not external attacks). Isn't there a genuine moral duty to intervene? Arn't our failures to intervene during the Pol Pot genocide, or the Hutu-Tutsi genocide the greatest moral failures of the 20th century (even ahead of the jew genocide, since these times we knew about them and ad seen precedents)? Isn't there a logical point in saying that little Kim is today the closest you could get of Stalin/Hitler?

Anyway, there is one single reason why it won't happen : China won't allow it. (I rank that above the other obvious reason 'the US are not that interested in freeing all the oppressed people on earth, after all')
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