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Lots of people have suggested ignoring it. Or even worse, paying it off. To pay it off rewards it. Encourages more.

Roland, got enough nukes to spare? Are you confident they still work? We can run the list, and find out.

Honestly... when I think about the cost to my fellow humans for going into Iraq... I don't think it's worth it. For some reason, I think it's going to be a lot worse then anyone thinks it is. Any conflict is almost always more costly and longer then anyone ever thinks. Desert Storm was a fluke, in the history of conflicts.

If we are going after Saddam cause we don't like him... Bush #3 fininshing what Bush #1 started... then no. If he's working with our enemies though.... then we need to kill that vermin nest. We are willing to spend a few generations doing that.

My worry isn't that we cannot help the ME out of their enormous poverty... it is that most of what I've heard suggested is just not going to work. We are going to need to stay in Afghan for at least a couple of generations, rebuilding... and we get bored too darn quickly as a nation for slow things. Addressing anything? I have my doubts we will stick the course. We seem to be a man, upset and hurt by what's happened to family, looking for a fight. Not out to fix the world.

And why should we be fixing this stuff in the first place? Life is a Zero Sum Game. We are suppose to look out for ourselves while other people look out for themselves. We are a generous people (compared to some, anyways), and we like to help our neighbors. Is that what causes people to think we should help them out? We helped out one person not our own, so we have to help out everyone?

This is a Zero Sum Game. Don't for a moment think our deep thinkers giving input to the future have forgotten that. They haven't. It's just everyone else I worry about's input.

Well, I can see a lot of people had their minds made up before they stated what they think is the one and only truth and option. What a waste of everyone's time then...
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