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Originally posted by Darkstar
And in America, by ignoring the terrorists, they are encouraged. At least with our own home grown ones. You got to go in and root them out. If their family gets mad, so fucking what? if the family is bad, you watch them, and when they go over, you eliminate them as well.

It's basic vermin control. When something becomes vermin, you eliminate it.
You don't ignore them. You do everything you can to stop them being able to operate but sending in the troops doesn't solve anything. We did it. It didn't work! It made things worse. The IRA killed 2000 people.

Would you send the Marines into Kansas to shoot anyone suspected of being a 'home grown' terrorist and if anyone else got killed in the process not give a shit? It's no different in Iraq or Afghanistan. The innocent people there are just as innocent as the people who died in the trade center and they are just as much real people with family and loved ones as the people who died in the trade center. Whatever you think of the terrorists those civilians are as human as you they are NOT vermin.
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