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This is getting rather out of hand. No one doubts the West (read: USA) can stop the growing threat of islamofascism in the ME if it really wants to - and while the toll in lifes might be high, and certianly not so one-sided some would like to belive - there'd be no need for any genocides either.

To trott out that tired old horse: it's not like the final exterminations of the Third Reich required a genocide of the German people. Many died, of course, but the objective - the utter destruction of Nazism as an politically effective ideology of state - was achieved without eradicating the Germans themselves. What needed total destruction, though, was not only the Nazi army but the Nazi society itself. And under application of enough Allied guns, lo and behold, Germany managed the transition from the Reich to the occassionally best pupil in the democratic school.

Could we (collectively spoken, but in practice we're talking America again) do something similar for ME? Possibly. I personally belive it would be realtively easy compared to what the Allies went thru', because not only is the US so staggeringly technologically superior to the opponents, but we already own the hearts of at least half the population.

There are tricky questions - is Islam salvagable or does it need to get the Nazi propaganda treatment? I think it might suffice to pull it's teeth like we once pulled Chrisianity's, but I don't really know.

The real trouble is what to do with the growing (if only for demographic reason) number of islamofascist that are harboured in the West. They might just disappear if their ME bases get totalled, much like Nazi's all over the world made themselves scarce after '45, or they might not - the curious notion of entitlement to utmost respect for every cultural identity, no matter how evil, has won much ground since then, after all. Anyhow, violence wont even begin to address that problem.
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