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Originally Posted by illi View Post
Hey chaps, I tried out my new 'fast' computer in an online BB challenge, and it was the same infuriating story, with scaring my wife and having a thoroughly angermaking hour and a half. Didn't play too badly either, losing 2-1 to a slightly more pointful skaven team as 1000pt wood elves, but it could have been 4-1 and until I get a table (sideways sitting backcurl not good) and a desktop I'm going to give it a miss due to Traumatic stress. Was thinking Dwarves but now I could only regret passing up the challenge of getting the damn elves through a season alive!

On a happier note, I just read some of Paiktis on the other thread and am very impressed YES impressed by the poetry, inspiring! see you in a future league, wood elves natch.

If you're free Monday evenings, I can play some games with you.
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