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Originally Posted by Funko View Post
but you can combine research with allies to research quicker. And if you later backstab them and go to war you lose your shared research. Which I quite like. It's given a simple good reason not to backstab your allies, and a way of getting research done faster.

The tech trading was so hard to teach the AI to do properly I think this is a great option.
didn't delve in all the recent news
didn' play Civ III and IV

I find it hard to get excited about "Civ novelties" which are actually old concepts seen and exploited in depth in other games


no tech trading
so you now can be allied for life to a Civ who knows a key advanced tech, and they "can't" give it to you?
sounds like the Vulcans in ST: Enterprise
- can you still steal tech?
- can you still conquer tech? (spoils)
- can you still learn it thru Great Library?
- allies contribute to your research: I figure that's easily implemented via extra bulbs coming from the Pact (seen in for instance in Space Empires). I find it hard to imagine how you can lose them when you break a Pact once you accumlated them, and especially if you already earned a tech advance

one unit per hex
- can you "cross" a tile occupied by one of your units, if there's a free hex in range behind it?
- would that be allowed at least for jets? can't they fly over an eney land units frontline too?

< grin >
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