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Originally posted by protein
Even if that decision is bad and harmful and ultimately discovered to be a terrible mistake?

I know people are responsible for their own actions but if any of you were considering such a stupid act I would try and dissuade you.

Think of Alsieboo having sex in a public toilet with a stranger. She was responsible for her own actions, should we have just told her to charge the guy money or were we right to try and persuade her to not go through with it?
The last time I checked alsie was 15 years old, and was going to have sex in an unsupervised location with someone whose background she was very unsure of. This girl had her partner at the same hotel, had other people aware of her location etc.

If I was her mother or her friend I'd try to convince her out of it. Otherwise it's none of my business.

And she wouldn't have earned my ridicule except for the fact that she's been making a public spectacle of herself.

A clown always deserves a laugh, and I've given her mine.
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