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Originally posted by Scabrous Birdseed
You're a misogynist bastard, KH, your kind of thought was banished from more civilized societies long ago. "Whore" indeed.

I'm not talking victimhood (although a case can certainly be made for it), I'm assigning blame. And the blame is entirely and fully with the man and the system he represents whereby a woman's sexuality can be bought for money. It is a sick individual in a sickening system that has sex with a basically unwilling participant purely to exhibit his power, and the power money gives him. I realise in your world it's okay for sex to be purely about power and exploitation (especially if it's of women, a group of people you clearly hold in contempt), but I for one think the bastard should be locked up for a long time.
This is possibly the most pathetic post I've ever seen you make.

a) Do you similarly object when I refer to a whore's customers as "Johns"

b) "Banished". Interesting.

c) The woman's sexuality can be bought for money, a man's sexuality can be bought for money, anybody's time and creativity can be (and are) bought for money...cry me a river. I'd rather take a roll in the hay with a stranger than drudge away at some minuimum wage job for 8 months or a year. She made that decision, more power to her.

But then she starts whining about how bad she feels about what she did.

Too fucking bad. I'll have the same reaction if the guy comes out and says that he's got buyer's remorse.
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