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Finally loaded the BBC story, not much info...

(Reposting here 'cause BBC server is so busy at the moment)

An American Airlines flight on its way to John F Kennedy airport has crashed in New York.
At least four buildings in the Rockaway Beach area of the city's borough of Queens are on fire.

It is not known why the aircraft crashed or how many people were on board, or in the buildings now ablaze.

New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani is on his way to the crash site and has called a level one alert.

There is no indication at the moment that the crash is anything other than an accident.

The weather was crystal clear when the plane - thought to be a Boeing 767 - went down.

Both towers of the World Trade Center in New York were destroyed on 11 September after 767s were flown into them.

All three airports serving New York - JFK, Newark and La Guardia - are now closed.

The Dow index dropped 200 points on hearing the news.
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