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I have to agree with Frank Black and the guy from the 80''s matchbox b-line disaster, they both did some brilliant screaming. Other impressive screamers are Tool's Maynard James Keenan (see for example Jerk-off or The Grudge), Converge's Jakob Bannon (although he screams all the time, really) and Sick Of It All's Lou (or Pete?) Koller. My personal favourite scream by Koller is the one at the beginning of Disco sucks, fuck everything, although it doesn't sound that great on the album. It is amazing live, though.

Some other interesting screams are at the beginning of Slayer's Angel of Death (at the beginning, I always think it starts out as a guitar effect) and the weird yell by Spot on Husker Du's Standing by the sea. Talking about Husker Du, Bob Mould is also brilliant in songs like Eight miles high, Something I learned today and New day rising.

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