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Take It on the Run - REO Speedwagon

Mine - Maybe I've been spending too much time around and money in, pub juke boxes, but 'tis a good pub with this tune

Swiss Glide - Michna
Pretty non descript sample fest

Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom
My second - this song is one of IM's colaboraltions with a trash metal producer, maybe they should have stuck to psy-trance, but whichever genre their imagination ios impressive

Just A Sound In The Night - Rational Youth

nice sounds and pleasing chord progressions, not bad

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks - Los Campesinos!

Annoying song. Has novelty value for the mishmash of styles, but that's it.

Oh just got to the horrible guitar / violin solo. Terrible.

Foux du Fafa - Flight of the Conchords

Funny for about 1 minute, then annoying. Works well in the programme I imagine.

Easy to Smile - Sensless Things
More my sort of thing, but still a bit happy and poppy...

A&E - Goldfrapp
Heard this on the radio a lot recently, nice tune and shes got a lovely voice.

God Says No - Monster Magnet
Like this a lot, understated but could still be an anthem...that's a good sign on my book. Quite sinister too.

Velvet - The Big Pink
not much to this song

Nothing Ever Happened - Deerhunter
Why does everyone rave about deerhunter? Really boring if you ask me.. also does this song win most unimaginative drums award?

Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
Was about to give it the same review as derhunter, but this is more interesting, quite like it really.

Drumming Song - Florence + the Machine

why does she sounds exactly like Natasha Khan? this to be the the new affected vocal style for the next how many years...boring,.

Abandon - That Petrol Emotion

Not bad in the background, but wouldn't put it on out of choice.

The Letter - Kristen Hersh

Whoops, getting a bit bored here.

Oh Bondage, Up Yours! - X-Ray Spex

Like this, the sax adds a nice touch.

Cycles Per Second - The dB's
Is this the same bassist who does the incidental bits on seinfeld?

Capt. Bo Dignifies the Allegations With a Response - Oneida

Don;t like this at all.

Motorbreath - D.O.A.
mine - arguably Metallicas most punk song done by a punk band.

Main Teri Hoon Janam - Sadhna Sargam
Different - never heard anything like this. Bolywood hindi-pop covers are clearly the way to go.

The Shape of Things to Come - Ramones
Great - ove the ramones.

"I quite like the fairies." - Funko
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