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Before I start I feel that my choices weren't as good as they could have been, I did them in a rush last Tuesday without an awful lot of thought. Anyways to the comments...

Take It on the Run - REO Speedwagon

Something from a American radio station as you're driving through the Sonora desert. Quite nice as these things go. Not something I'd buy, but nothing something I'd skip either.

Swiss Glide - Michna

Unlike this, which sounds like a soundtrack from a mobile game. Until the last bit when it's even more random.

Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom

This is one where I'd be lsitening to it, then it chages, and I check if it's a different song. But no, all the same song. A bit like they needed to use all the sound effects on their synthesiser.

Just A Sound In The Night - Rational Youth

It's ok, not massive on the guy's voice. I can fairly happily sit there humming along.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks - Los Campesinos!

Mine. Just a nice little song that has been lurking in one of my spotify playlists (the one where I dump stuff I like from the radio). It's not the best song in the world ever, but it's quite a happy little pop song.

Foux du Fafa - Flight of the Conchords

I hate novelty records... I hate 60's french music... I hate this... Skip.

Easy to Smile - Sensless Things

Ah early 90's "punk"rock, I probably would've liked it back in the mid 90's and it would've gone well with early Green Day and the like. Nice little tune.

A&E - Goldfrapp

Mine again. There's something about her voice on this record that makes me listen to it again and again.

God Says No - Monster Magnet

Fairly straightforward rock song. Not awful, not great either though.

Velvet - The Big Pink

One of the best songs on this compilation. I like it a lot.

Nothing Ever Happened - Deerhunter

It's not grabbing me to be honest. Again, quite passable, but not a "Wow, what is this, I must hear more" track like that last one.

Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio

|Better that the last one, not as good as the one 2 songs ago. Good song though and it will go into "save for later box".

Drumming Song - Florence + the Machine

Mine. I like the way it ramps and ramps up. Definitely one for the full volume with a lot of bass.

Abandon - That Petrol Emotion

Meh, doiesn't do much for me.

The Letter - Kristen Hersh

Powerful song, but not one for keeping safe. Not partcularly comfortable listening, which I guess is the point.

Oh Bondage, Up Yours! - X-Ray Spex

I have to echo the saxophone statement (maybe it's there as a link to ska?), but it seems the one thing that is dated in this song.

Cycles Per Second - The dB's

Yeah, that's not one to listen to again. Pretty dire.

Capt. Bo Dignifies the Allegations With a Response - Oneida

A bit mental isn't it? It's ok, again not one for repeat visits.

Motorbreath - D.O.A.


Main Teri Hoon Janam - Sadhna Sargam

Hmm again to be honest. Not ending well here...

The Shape of Things to Come - Ramones

Oh the Ramones perk things back up after dross of the last few songs. It's the R|amones, it's bound to be good even if it's not one of their best songs.
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