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Take It on the Run - REO Speedwagon

Slick, complacent and pointless.

Swiss Glide - Michna

Bubbly, brassy and farty . I found this pretty boring.

Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom

I loved the start of this one, and for the first 90 seconds or so I was having a great time. By 2 minutes 30 seconds, the romance was cooling fast, and round about the 3 minute mark (when it was turning into Daft Punk) I realised it had all gone badly wrong. After that, it was just a long, unpleasant grind, with the pomp-rock guitar solos being a real low point. This was just a really bad idea.

Just A Sound In The Night - Rational Youth

Great, great song. I love this one. It's clearly influenced by the brighter side of Krautrock- I can hear Neu! and Kluster knocking around in there, which give it a more intriguing dimension that most syth-pop. The singer's voice is a little weak, but at least he's not exceeding his limits. Nice one.

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks - Los Campesinos!

I think they set out with a picture of me on their desk and went "Hey! Let's do a production job that'll really piss that bloke off!" It's probably cutting-edge cool, but it's just ham-fisted to my ears.

Foux du Fafa - Flight of the Conchords

Comedy song. That means I'll smirk slightly on the first listen, and never play it again. It's a decent pastiche, but isn't anything I'd want to hear again.

Easy to Smile - Sensless Things

Never got into the Senseless Things at the time. I assumed they were like Ned's Atomic Dustbin and ran screaming to the hills. Actually this isn't bad- I can see the attraction, and it's cheerful good-time guitar pop. My early prejudices were clearly unfounded.

A&E - Goldfrapp

I like this. It's got a slightly hallucinatory edge to it that lifts it above most of it's ilk, and I've always liked Godfrapp's voice ever since she sang on the first Tricky album. It's not as good as the electroperve stuff in her earlier albums, but still pleasant stuff.

God Says No - Monster Magnet

I really must get into Monster Magnet, because I've liked every song I've heard by them. It avoids most of the things I hate in rock and has a cool, slightly menacing lope going on. Good stuff.

Velvet - The Big Pink

Ooooo. Boobs. Lovely album cover there, and the song's a good one as well. Reminds me of Medicine and A C Acoustics, and that's a good way to appeal to my tastes. Nicely fuzzed-out guitar storm going on there. This compilation's heading in a good direction right now.

Nothing Ever Happened - Deerhunter

Hmmmm. Has some superficial similarities to the Big Pink track, but it's nowhere near as good. The guitar sound is pretty nasty too. A bit of a let-down after a few strong tracks.

Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio

Mine. This is where TV do a sort of Sonic Youth thing, but far more focussed and relentless than typical SY output. And it's a song about werewolves. What more do you need to be ubercool?

Drumming Song - Florence + the Machine

It's Siouxsie and the Banshees! Only a lot more polished, less threatening and a bit less interesting. Actually, that's unfair- I'm enjoying this track

Abandon - That Petrol Emotion

This is what The Undertones became after they parted company with Feargal Sharkey- a wildly-eclectic indie guitar act that veered from tight funk to Beefheart freakouts. One of the great lost guitar bands of the late 80's, they specialised in singles peaking just outside the top 40. From their classic 1990 "Chemicrazy" album, and just check out that brutal electric violin solo. Mine.

The Letter - Kristen Hersh

Mine again. This 1993 song is the only one she's written directly about her Bipolar disorder, and I find it an utterly harrowing song. Famously, she can't play it live because it causes her to spontaneously vomit. Lyrics written in the midst of a full-on psychotic meltdown, and one of the scariest depictions of insanity every recorded.

Oh Bondage, Up Yours! - X-Ray Spex

It's aged a lot better than a lot of punk classics, largely due to Poly's 1000% committed vocal. Still a great song.

Cycles Per Second - The dB's

Oh, God. That's horrible.

Capt. Bo Dignifies the Allegations With a Response - Oneida

Great intro, but I'm not a fan of the vocals. Still, it redeems itself with those bleepy freakouts and nutty relentlessness. Not bad.

Motorbreath - D.O.A.


Main Teri Hoon Janam - Sadhna Sargam

Sweet bit of synthy Bollywood. Not as syrupy as many songs of this ilk are liable to be, and it's an interesting and unusual production/arrangement. A lot of thought's gone into this, and it's all paid off. I'd buy it.

The Shape of Things to Come - Ramones

Didn't put any thought into this review, but the Ramones didn't put any thought into the song. Stripped of the wit and quirkiness of original Ramones lyrics, this is just any old punky thrash-along.
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