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Danm you Mike, thought I'd be first.

Take it on the Run - REO Speedwagon
If I lived my life like Wooderson from the film Dazed and Confused, driving to Aerosmith gigs in a sweet old car, with a big joint, some beers and 3 sixteen year old girls, then this is probably just the sort of thing I'd listen to on my 8-track. This song doesn't really sound so good on a drizzly friday morning in 21st century London. Still, Wooderson had it right.

Swiss Glide - Michna
Wow, this is from 2008? Sounds a bit dated, like something off a late 90s Warp compilation. I like the weird ambient bit at the end that sounded like a field recording made in a station as someone walked through it with a tape recorder in a bag.

Heavyweight - Infected Mushroom
Pretty interesting, though I had a hard time getting through this all in one go. To begin with it sounds a bit like Royksopp, pretty unoffensive, then it goes into a part that sounds like a trancey version of the music made on Octa-med on the Amiga that hackers would put over their logos at the beginning of cracked games, then it goes all goth and rubbish, with crap sinister string and finally there's that awful guitar bit that sounds like a rip off of a 90s Metallica ballad. A mixed bag.

Just a Sound in the Night - Rational Youth
This is how I'd imagine a song by the keyboard player of A-Ha to sound if he went solo. I quite like it in a strange way. Sounds like Gary Numan. Shit, is it Gary Numan?

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks - Los Campesinos!
The guys voice is horrible, the song goes nowhere, the violins are horrible. In a strange way it sounds like The Sugarcubes, but without any of the talent or charm or songs or invention.

Foux du Fafa - Flight of the Conchords
An incredibly accurate pastiche of French music. I remember Protein recording a "French style" song about 12 years ago that was basically the same as this. Maybe a bit better.

Easy to Smile - Senseless Things
Wasn't college in the mid 90s great? Good times. Some of the music from back then really hasn't dated very well though, and as far as I can tell this lacks any of the charm and panache required to help it endure.

A&E - Goldfrapp
Arguably the most boring song I've ever heard in my life. Clearly specifically written for "trendy" mobile phone/small economical car advertising.

God Says No - Monster Magnet
On occasion I have a lot of time for Monster Magnet, but this is no Spacelord Motherfucker. I actually found it pretty boring, and the production pretty clinical, like a Garbage record or something.

Velvet - The Big Pink
This is my choice. I first gave it a listen because the record cover is classic 4AD Vaughan Oliver design, really really nice, and it turns out the tunes are great too. This song sounds a bit like The Jesus and Mary Chain, which is never a bad thing, and the album is great too.

Nothing Ever Happened - Deerhunter
Best single of last year by far, and one of the best live bands I've seen for ages, with massive MBV style wall of noise guitar. This whole album (Microcastle) is great, and they've just put out a new EP called Rainwater Cassette Exchange which is excellent too. Also the singer puts out solo records under the name Atlas Sound, and they're all worth a listen too. This is also my choice by the way, had you guessed?

Wolf Like Me - TV on the Radio
This TV on the Radio album used to get a lot of air time where I used to work, and they're pretty good I think. Easy to like, but hard to love. It's a bit too complete and slick sounding for me, I like bands that are a bit rough around the edges, and TV on the Radio are just too clinical and professional. Still, very good, I'd like to see them live.

Florence & the Machine - Drumming Song
I saw Florence & her Machine at a little one-day festival a few years ago and was very impressed. Back then it was a much more stripped down affair, just a guitarist, a drummer and her, and it was all the better for it. There's too much going on here for me. I think with this album she's gone for a big commercial sound and can't really back it up. No denying she's pretty talented etc though.

Abandon - That Petrol Emotion
Did this compilation have a late 80s/early 90s theme that nobody told me about? Sounds like Simple Minds/INXS. Does nothing for me.

Kristin Hersh - The Letter
No denying that both solo and especially with Throwing Muses Kristin Hersh has made some pretty great music in her time, this isn't a great example though. Nothing wrong with it, but when it comes to angsty confessional lesbo-pop I just prefer to listen Suzanne Vega or Juliana Hatfield.

Oh Bondage, Up Yours! - X-Ray Spex
X-Ray Spex would be a million times better without that fucking saxophone.

Cycles Per Second - The dBs
Well they sound like they think they're pretty clever, and they have an excellent album cover, but they seem to want to be DEVO and they're not. When New-wave goes bad...

Capt. Bo Dignifies the Allegations With A Response - Oneida
I think this is the best song on this compilation. Crazy Silver Apples/psych keyboards, MC5 breaks, pretty short song, vocalist sounds a little bit like the guy from Dead Kennedys. All good. In this instance I'm prepared to forgive the singer for being called Papa Crazy. Or am I, hmm. I'm going to listen to more of them right now. Spotify is great. Ha, they have a song called Jazz is the Teacher, Funk is the Preacher. It's ace.

D.O.A - Motorbreath
Wow, this is from an album called "A Punk Tribute to Metallica" and it's awesome. That said, I don't think this song is the best on it, but quite some way, but who cares, it's a punk tribute to Metallica. What's not to love.

Main Teri Hoon Janam - Sadhna Sargam
This started off great, a Bollywood style 1980s idea of futuristic Chariots of Fire cover, but I soon got a bit bored with it. Bit slow and plodding.

The Shape of Things to Come - The Ramones
This is mine. I've put the original on a LWP before I think, and this cover is the best thing the Ramones have ever done. A good ending to the compilation (if I do say so myself).

Some of my comments might have seemed a bit negative, but I've enjoyed this round. Some great tracks in there.

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