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I haven't really seen any crashing yet, unless you count not handling alt-tab at all.

For skills I went up in light weapons, science, and repair (kinda wish I'd gone up in speech instead of science). I booked it out of Vault 101 as soon as the shit hit the fan (gave that gang dude my BB gun to help his mom but didn't stick around to see what happened - refrained from killing the overseer and didn't give away my real gun to the girl). I got kinda bloodthirsty once all the guards started shooting at me (I shot back, and took all their stuff). I spent a long while in Megaton trying to work out where everything was (still at a loss there - I kinda wander around until I see the thing I'm looking for) - fixed the pipes, told dude who wanted to blow up the town to get lost. I'm just starting to do some of the outside quests.

One thing I noticed is how enemies (at least the ones I have seen) will just run directly at you in a straight line. My strategy has been to wait till the enemy is just a few feet away, mid-lunge, and hit VATS, click the head multiple times, then let-er-rip. Seems to work well at point-blank range (not sure what my accuracy is like with VATS far away, or just from the hip for that matter). I've been using the pistol but just before I stopped playing the other night I got a hunting rifle, which I'm looking forward to trying. I got online and was excited to see all the weapons encompassed by the designation Light Arms.
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