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I don't play many FPS games compared to other stuff, but I think I understand what you mean. I don't think the game was intended to play like a mainstream shooter, though. It certainly doesn't measure up to one.

The combat for me was just a means to an end. I did far more exploring than was necessary to finish the game. There are a handful of outdoor areas I will go back to explore, and some metro stations in DC proper that I probably won't bother with since they're mostly just ghoul filled pathways to more interesting locations (lame). Once I got a laser weapon I stopped even paying attention in VATS. The "bullet cam" mode kicks in and tries to track the laser, which appears to move instantly to the target. The result in VATS is a close up of me firing the weapon, then an uncomfortable frame skipping motion followed by whatever laser impact animation it decides on. Watching it too much hurt my head.

The high explosives animations I liked. Exploring the wasteland is the bit I had fun with. I found a radio tower broadcasting a distress message and spent a little time tracking down the actual source the other day, I won't spoil it, but I liked it. Little touches like that, the surprise with the fire ant quest, and the gag locations (Dave clones!) all felt very Fallout-y.

I think they need to put a limit on stimpacks you can take in a short time period, or make them heal over a 5 or 10 second time period to make the combat a litle more dangerous. You can usually just stand there and fire away point blank at a single enemy while popping stimpacks to keep yourself alive once you have combat or powered armor. That would probably ruin the game for people that don't want to wear the heavier armors, I guess.
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