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I can't decide if the targeting system (VATS) is overpowered, or if its the only way to keep from running out of ammo in 2 minutes. Combat is fun, but not particularly difficult (using VATS), with the exception of some mercenary ambushes which have yet to be anything but epic run and gun battles. Tenacious bastards. Sometimes the camera angle chosen for the VATS shots plain sucks, but other times you end up with a perfect cinematic view of a perfectly aimed shot tearing the weapon out of your enemies hands. The first time I did this I was so busy watching the guy run away, I didn't notice he was running for his weapon. He actually picked it up and shot me one last time before I reacted. The AI is quirky like that - sometimes brilliant, sometimes stuck in a chair.

I've spotted some centaurs from a great distance. Creepy. I sneaked off before they spotted me.

Very good game on most fronts. The combat is at times irritating (and too frequent).

The character levelling and perks have been ok so far. There are some really clever traps (I loved stumbling across a tripwire in the dark and catching about five baseballs in the face from a rigged pitching machine). Plenty of interesting side-quests, I've done little on the main quest. Some of the humor falls flat on its face, and in other parts its great.

There's also a weapon crafting system that, while useful in that it provides weapons and utilizes skills, doesn't do much for me. Maybe I haven't found the right stuff to craft yet.

I do keep getting hung up on one thing. Its two hundred years after the war. There's some brown grassy clumps, but I haven't seen a tree? I could grow a pretty goddamned huge tree in forty years, two hundred ought to be enough for a forest. No stumps either, so if the locals are cutting it for firewood, they're digging them up and filling in the holes. Also, from a gameplay perspective, I understand the desire to have food, weapons, and ammo a part of the game. There are just some glaringly obvious problems with two hundred year old food, weapons, and ammunition. Maybe I'll find out later that certain of the more technologically-recovered factions in the wastes have been producing things like this, but if that's the case - I'm finding it in places no one has set foot in in two hundred years, and that's not working for me either. Its a nitpick, but its one that keeps breaking my immersion.
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