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Why did I feel like an eight year old who's just discovered his ruler drawing the scenery for this one?

-18 1i 18 1i,-9v -4u -9t -4a -9c -4h -97 -53,-7u -56 -8d -4u -81 -4j -7h -4a -7p -3p -8c -3m,-69 -3m -62 -4b -5u -4u -5k -4b -5g -3n,-62 -46 -5g -47,-4t -4u -4t -4a -4t -3p,-4t -4u -4f -4n -4p -4a -4f -3t,-3q -3s -3n -4i -3c -45 -2v -4k -2o -40,-1u -41 -20 -4g -2d -4u,-20 -4g -1m -4v,-7u -56 -7i -4v,-8b -3p -8i -45,-9f to -1ov sj,ra u6 -ar tn,2d5 un qv u5,2d4 un 2g6 12l 2tl 12a 309 tn 53k ua,53a ua 819 11l ail 13h f2b 16p gd8 17m,2vf u1 308 tt,2ha un 2i1 uj 2ij u7 2j9 ud 2k1 un 2ko um,2m1 uj 2mg u6 2n7 u3 2o2 uc 2ou uh 2po ua 2qc ts 2r3 u1 2rb un 2s3 uq 2sk ub,2ig 110 2je 113 2ka 112 2l2 10k 2lj 104 2m2 10m 2mu 114 2nq 11b 2oo 112 2ph 10i 2q6 106 2qo 10n 2rh 118 2se 11g#-1n 8q -1n 6r 27 6u 29 49 6o 4e,24 6s 6t 6u,3i 70 3g 90,6m 4c 6s 6u,6m 4e 7s 4k 8d 5f 8t 53 9b 5n 9c 6d a0 6i a3 78 6r 6u,8b 73 88 90,-1n 8l -1n 9c 3i 9e 3g 8e,3g 9e 8g 9h,89 9f 86 8m,a2 79 af 7b ap 81 b6 8h bp 8v bl 99 cb 9a cs 9m,8d 9h cr 9o,3 9c 3 bp,-1n 99 -5t 98 -5o bo 2 br 58 c0 5c 9e,-1o 6r -30 7a -2r 7r -3s 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