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It might say Super Mario on it, but it's obvious that I got bored of that idea pretty quick. Use a mountain bike:

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1l 69f 20,c3 1m c3 6 fk 5 fk 1m,hp 1m hm -26 mn -25 mo 1n,fj 6 gd 6 gd -13 bi -13 5l 1m,bi -13 bh 8 c3 8,hn -25 h2 -26 h3 -3i nc -3i nc -22 mn -24,d2 -14 h4 -3h,qg 1m qb -7n 10b -7n 10f 1m,10b -7l 117 -7l 115 -9g pq -9g po -7j qk -7l,j5 -3h ps -9e,10p -9f 10o -ak,v1 -9j 11c -au,12d -4f 12d -27 1s5 -29,1s7 -29 1s7 -4j 129 -4e,1pj -26 1s0 1n 1p4 1n 1mp -29,15s -26 12g 1n,16d 1s 194 -29,25e 1n 25e -a5 2g9 -ac 2ge -24 2mb -24,2mc -26 2m7 -7v 32v -80 332 -5e 36q -5e 399 -dj,3f5 -di 3hg -5t 3qs 2,3qp 2 3pr 2 3pl 1p,31v -82 398 -dh,2fr -ag 2fm -ce,2cb -ad 2gf -cq,1ob -4n 25f -a6,3f3 -dg 39b -di,3d0 -di 3fu -ej,3ep -dd 3es -e6,3kf -ci 3v4 -ci 3v4 -bi 3kf -bi,3kf -bk 3kh -cg,3p4 -8t 3p4 -7t 41r -7q 41r -94 3ov -92,3tn -58 3tn -42 4da -42 4d0 -5f,4d0 -5i 3tn -5p,3tn -53 3tq -61,4qk 1o 4tr -5q 4or -4b 4mr 1o,4m9 1o 4nu -3p 4ih -20 4h9 1r,4gq 1r 4ho -1h 4a2 1s,52c -4m 4vu 1u,50b 1s 52r -4m 56r -4k 549 1r,54o 1u 57a -4k 5ev -8t 5b7 1u,5bj 1u 5g4 -90 5k7 -87 5g0 1u,5jr -5n 5jt -45 5sn -4e 5si -60 5jq -5o,69f 1q 6mr 1n 6mf -97,6mr -99 6m7 -99 6oi -c5,6og -c2 6u5 -cc 6u9 1v 6mm 1l,6mm -97 6u9 -9j,6p6 -7l 6p6 -47 6rp -47 6rp -7s 6p6 -7n,6qm -7s 6qh -49,6rr -6a 6p6 -68,6rm 1i 6rf -2b 6p4 -28 6p1 1l#gc -u ds -u,gc -m eh -m,gb -e e1 -e,gb -4 ep -5,fi c e6 c,fi j dh j,fj t e7 s,fi 15 di 14,fj 1e ea 1e,nc -3c kd -3b,nb -33 l7 -33,nb -2l kc -2n,na -2b lj -2e,mm -1q jr -1r,ml -1e kp -1g,mm -11 jq -12,mn -h kk -j,mn -2 jp -1,mm b kl b,mn o jv o,mm 16 kt 16,115 -93 u1 -93,114 -8n vc -8m,114 -8c u3 -8d,114 -81 vn -81,109 -7a t8 -7c,109 -70 u9 -70,109 -6i tb -6i,10a -65 tu -67,10b -5o ta -5o,108 -5c tv -5e,10c -50 t5 -51,10c -4k tq -4m,10c -47 t9 -47,10c -3m u1 -3n,10c -37 t9 -36,10c -2o tt -2m,10c -28 tf -28,10c -1o tr -1o,10c -18 ta -1a,10b -p tu -s,10f -b t4 -b,10d 4 tr 3,10c h t2 g,1s4 -45 12m -3v,12g -3g 1rv -3n,1s1 -34 12f -2t,1p2 -26 1qu 14,1o1 -2a 1po 18,186 -26 15q 1a,16n -24 14c 14,269 1l 269 -9e 2fk -9k 2fo 1j,2go 1l 2gm -1o 2m3 -1n 2m3 1j,2ms 1l 2mm -7f 324 -7d,34v 3e 34p 38,320 -7c 328 1l,33a 1l 334 -4q 36f -4o 36b 1f,37n 1l 37l -78 39i -cr 3eg -cr 3gb -6j 3gi 1l,3ov 1l 3ot d 3hh 7 3hf 12,3hh -5b 3hb -j 3p4 -d 3hh -59,d5 -7d 17 -7f 1o -88,1q -88 2t -8i,2v -8k 3e -8f 49 -95,4b -98 5n -9i 61 -98 78 -a3,7b -a5 86 -9r,88 -9r 8u -a5,9d -aa 9s -9r,a1 -9f a5 -9d,a5 -93 bd -9f,bf -9f c3 -8s,c8 -8f cf -8a,cm -8a d0 -7u,1eh -f9 117 -f7 127 -fq 139 -ge 13g -g2,13j -g2 146 -gj,14e -gq 156 -h4,15b -h2 15q -go,15s -go 166 -gt,169 -h2 16n -hb,16q -hb 173 -hj,181 -he 186 -hb 18d -h7,18k -gt 18s -go,196 -go 1a8 -gt,1ad -h2 1an -h2,1b0 -gv 1bi -gq,1br -gq 1cd -gj,1cm -gc 1cp -g7,1d3 -g4 1dr -fm,1e0 -fj 1e5 -fe,1sk -cm 1hc -cm 1i4 -d7,1ie -da 1iq -d5 1j9 -df,1jb -dj 1jj -dt,1jo -dt 1jt -e0,1kv -do 1l1 -dj,1lb -do 1li -e2,1lq -ea 1mv -em,1ng -ec 1nq -e2,1o8 -dt 1oi -dt,1ou -e0 1pf -e5,1q3 -e0 1t5 -ch,2v7 -gt 2k2 -h7 2l6 -hj,2lg -hl 2m4 -ig,2n8 -io 2nl -il,2nu -i9 2o8 -i4,2ok -i4 2pn -ij,2ps -ij 2q8 -ie,2qp -i2 2r8 -i2,2ri -i4 2t0 -i2,2t5 -ht 2tf -hl,2tr -hj 2ua -hl,2uc -hl 2ur -hb,476 -k9 3ps -k9,3ps -kd 3qp -l6 3rr -kq,3s8 -kq 3sh -l1 3tc -li 3tm -ll,3v5 -ll 3vc -li,3vj -l8 3vm -l6,40m -kq 417 -l6,41j -l8 41t -lb,42l -lb 42t -l4,434 -kv 43b -l1,43o -l8 44o -li,45g -lg 45l -l8,45n -kv 46i -kv,46l -kv 46s -ki 46u -kg,6mj -8l 6tu -8v,6u2 -8h 6mf -89,6mi -7u 6o8 -7v,6mg -7e 6nc -7c,6mj -6k 6od -6m,6mj -5r 6n7 -5r,6mi -53 6nn -53,6mj -4b 6ok -4e,6mn -3e 6qa -3k,6mq -2o 6p0 -2s,6mn -22 6o5 -26,6mo -1h 6ok -1p,6mo -n 6o9 -o,6ms -1 6ns -5,6mv j 6o3 e,6mq 13 6oc 13,6u2 -7r 6sl -7o,6u4 -7c 6sb -7b,6u3 -6o 6tb -6m,6u7 -62 6sf -60,6u2 -5j 6sr -5h,6u7 -4j 6se -4j,6u4 -3q 6s7 -3q,6u6 -39 6r2 -38,6u3 -2k 6s9 -2k,6u3 -1u 6sd -1u,6u8 -15 6sa -14,6u6 -h 6sp -f,6u6 g 6sh g,6ua 14 6t3 15,4nr -e7 484 -dt 49k -eg,4a9 -es 4bd -fk 4c0 -f3,4c2 -f1 4c7 -es,4cj -el 4d1 -ej 4db -eq,4db -es 4dp -ev,4e0 -f1 4eo -fd,4g3 -g2 4ga -g2,4gk -fk 4h0 -fb,4hb -f3 4hl -ev,4i6 -ev 4if -f1,4ik -f1 4ir -f1 4je -ev,4jj -ev 4kp -f3,4ku -f3 4lo -en,4m6 -el 4mn -ej,4uo -gq 5gt -h6 5fd -if,5fb -ic 5eq -i7,5eo -i7 5ej -i3 5e5 -i3 5du -i5,5du -i7 5dn -ic 5db -iq 5d3 -j9 5cq -j9,5cl -j6 5ce -j4,5as -j4 5ae -j6 59t -j6,59t -j4 593 -it 584 -ic 582 -ia 56r -ia,56k -ia 54r -ia 54i -i7,54f -i7 548 -i5 52f -ij 51e -io 50k -iq,50c -im 505 -ih,503 -ic 4vp -i5,4vp -i3 4vl -i0 4vd -hr,4vb -hn 4um -hi,5h4 -fk 5tr -fu 5tb -gt,5qi -h1 5qb -h8,5ol -hd 5og -h8,5ob -h6 5nv -h1,5nv -gv 5nh -gv,5ne -gv 5mp -h6,5lv -h6 5kt -h1 5kp -h4,5jj -hb 5it -h8 5io -h1,5ik -gv 5ia -go 5hu -gh,5hs -gh 5gf -gc,5g5 -g9 5g3 -g2,5g0 -g0 5fs -fp,5td -gt 5t8 -h4,5t6 -h4 5ss -h8,5sc -h8 5s4 -h8 5rt -h8,5rr -h4 5rk -h4,5r3 -gv 5pj -h6,5pc -hb 5p8 -hd,6u5 1u 6ua 1u,6u5 31 6u5 1r,6u5 -cb 6u5 -id 6u3 -sb -2q -vu,-2q -vk -3e 14,-3e 1e -1b 1j,-13 29 -3e 22 -3e 16#G m4 6b 8i,G mf 6b 5k,G -2 5u 2s,G -1f 5j 5k,G -1f 5e 5k,G -1k 4t 47,G -2c 37 4r,G -1f 39 9r,G -1h 39 2q,G -1k 48 e,G 18 4b 8f,G 1a 3p 5r,G 1a 35 5k,G 21 3i 96,G 2i 30 6c,G 2r 30 8e,G 32 30 8e,G 3r 3g ai,G 4o 2p 6j,G 4u 2p 8e,G 5e 2s 8p,G 5n 2s 8e,G 8j 37 47,G 87 30 3l,G 7h 2l 32,G 76 2j 2q,G cp 30 52,G d4 39 9m,G el 39 7s,G eu 32 79,G f7 3b 47,G f7 2s 5k,G ic 3k 8a,G i3 3b 3v,G hj 2s 5k,G l9 32 54,G kq 2l 3v,G ka 2j 2q,G nh 3g 59,G nh 2e 5k,G qs 2e 5k,G qd 2h 1o,G pt 2n 5k,G pi 35 2q,S pm 65,S r1 63,S s0 5s,S s9 3r,S s2 2u,S rc 2l,S sb 3t,S sb 4b,S sd 55,S sg 55,S r5 69,S q8 6b,S pb 5n,S p0 55,S p0 48,S p7 3i,S nj 2e,S nh 30,S nj 3e,S nl 4h,S nl 6b,S nl 63,S nl 5u,S nl 5a,S nl 53,S nl 44,S nl 3r,S k1 5a,S jv 5u,S mb 67,S m0 5u,S le 5e,S kq 51,S kc 4q,S ka 4v,S k6 63,S jt 46,S jt 46,S k1 4f,S ka 4f,S kj 4b,S ks 46,S l3 44,S le 3v,S li 3p,S lc 32,S l3 2p,S kj 2l,S jv 2p,S jv 35,S jt 3i,S jt 4m,S jt 4v,S j0 5c,S ip 53,S hf 4o,S h1 4m,S h1 4m,S hu 4m,S ie 4m,S ig 4q,S j2 5l,S in 4f,S ig 3t,S i9 3g,S hu 37,S hl 2p,S h8 32,S h6 37,S h3 3p,S gt 4d,S gm 4v,S gf 5n,S fe 35,S fi 39,S fi 3b,S fg 5s,S fg 5h,S fg 58,S fg 4q,S fe 48,S fe 3n,S eq 2u,S f5 2l,S ee 3e,S df 3g,S dq 3r,S ea 3p,S cv 39,S cg 2p,S cg 30,S cg 3e,S cg 3t,S cg 4d,S ci 55,S ck 5j,S cn 65,S 52 2j,S 93 60,S 91 5u,S 8u 5p,S 8i 5j,S 8d 59,S 87 56,S 7p 4t,S 7b 4j,S 7e 4a,S 7j 4a,S 7s 48,S 8b 48,S 8d 46,S 90 3t,S 90 3p,S 8s 3f,S 8p 37,S 8i 31,S 87 2q,S 7l 2o,S 71 63,S 71 5k,S 71 59,S 71 4q,S 72 49,S 70 3h,S 71 2u,S 53 66,S 5f 66,S 5u 68,S 53 45,S 5g 48,S 5r 2u,S 5c 2u,S 50 2t,S 4k 64,S 4l 5g,S 4o 4p,S 4n 4b,S 4n 3u,S 4n 3j,S 4m 2t,S 2v 4d,S 3c 4b,S 3n 47,S 3q 3v,S 3s 3o,S 3p 3a,S 3f 33,S 31 30,S 2n 30,S 2c 5t,S 2b 5c,S 2c 4r,S 2c 4j,S 2c 42,S 2c 3k,S 2b 31,S 1b 36,S 1c 3q,S 1a 49,S 1c 4h,S 1c 54,S 1c 5d,S q 5n,S 19 5p,S b 5p,S 2 5p,S -c 5l,S -f 5g,S -e 56,S -e 4p,S -d 43,S -c 3u,S -c 3k,S -c 37,S -3i 5o,S -35 5p,S -2t 5p,S -2o 5p,S -27 5q,S -1t 5q,S -1q 5q,S -1n 5p,S -1j 5n,S -1g 5k,S -1f 5g,S -1f 5b,S -1f 55,S -1f 4u,S -1g 4q,S -1i 4m,S -1p 4j,S -1u 4i,S -2b 4i,S -2k 4h,S -2m 4h,S -37 49,S -37 48,S -3a 3u,S -38 3s,S -36 3i,S -2d 37,S -1e 39,S -21 37,S -2q 37,O 6c2 -62,O 6ca -7p,O 6fl -7v,O 6fl -7i,O 6fl -75,O 6fi -6i,O 6fi -6a,O 6f9 -5r,O 6fi -54,O 6fi -54,O 6f4 -5t,O 6f1 -67,O 6el -6m,O 6eg -70,O 6ed -73,O 6e1 -7g,O 6ds -7s,O 6dd -7u,O 6dd -78,O 6dc -6h,O 6dc -68,O 6dc -5j,O 6dc -55,O 6c0 -4t,O 6c4 -52,O 6c7 -5j,O 6c9 -67,O 6c9 -6f,O 6ca -6p,O 6cc -70,O 6cc -7d,O 6cc -84,O 6b1 -7s,O 6av -7f,O 6av -76,O 6av -71,O 6ao -6a,O 6aj -60,O 6aj -5f,O 6a4 -4t,O 69v -55,O 69v -55,O 69q -5o,O 69n -5p,O 69a -67,O 698 -6d,O 68s -68,O 68p -65,O 68f -5f,O 683 -50,O 67r -4r,O 67o -50,O 67m -5a,O 67k -5j,O 67f -67,O 67e -6c,O 679 -70,O 679 -78,O 677 -7k,O 677 -81,O 6f3 -cp,O 6f3 -ci,O 6f3 -cb,O 6f3 -c1,O 6f3 -bs,O 6f6 -c3,O 6f6 -c3,O 6f4 -b7,O 6f4 -b2,O 6f4 -ao,O 6f4 -ah,O 6f1 -a5,O 6el -9o,O 6eg -9h,O 6e8 -9c,O 6e0 -9b,O 6dp -9c,O 6dk -9c,O 6d8 -9l,O 6d3 -9v,O 6d2 -a9,O 6d0 -ac,O 6d0 -ak,O 6d0 -at,O 6d0 -b7,O 6d2 -bn,O 6d3 -br,O 6d3 -c5,O 6d3 -ca,O 6d3 -cq,O 6at -ca,O 6av -cd,O 6bb -ck,O 6bm -cn,O 6bt -cn,O 6c2 -cl,O 6c9 -c8,O 6ca -c5,O 6cc -bp,O 6cc -ba,O 6cc -b5,O 6cc -au,O 6cc -ae,O 6c2 -9t,O 6c0 -9q,O 6bq -9j,O 6bj -9g,O 6be -9g,O 6b7 -9g,O 6b4 -9j,O 6b1 -9m,O 6at -a7,O 6at -ac,O 6at -ao,O 6at -b0,O 6av -b8,O 6av -bh,O 6b4 -ca,O 6bo -ci,O 698 -a0,O 698 -9l,O 69a -am,O 69d -a9,O 69d -au,O 6a8 -cf,O 6a6 -c1,O 69v -bi,O 69n -b5,O 69f -b3,O 696 -ba,O 691 -bp,O 68s -c5,O 68r -ca,O 5cs -26,O 5dr -4b,O 5em -6r,O 50m g,O 4hc q,O 4hh -7,O 4n2 -4,O 4np -2f,O 4rk -2,O 4ta -3o,O 50j g,O 51m -2b,O 55t -1i,O 54t u,T 6m2 f,O 2h9 -7j,O 2ja -7i,O 2lb -7e,O 2h5 -5a,O 2lc -5c,O 2j6 -52,O 2ja -37,O 2le -35,O 2h5 -30

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