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Bugger. The idea was to create a large, easy level, but it's practically impossible to make a map where you can't get stuck. Still, I tried, and I like the result, even though it's really hard.

-4j 4a -3e 4e -23 4h -i 4k s 4o 27 4q 3f 4t 51 55 6f 5e 82 5j 9n 5o be 5q d4 5o eq 5i gi 5a i9 50 k2 4n lp 48 ne 3l p2 2t ql 25 s9 1b ts i vg -7 114 -12 12l -20 146 -31 15n -42 178 -55 18p -6a 1a9 -7h 1bq -8o 1da -9v 1er -b6 1gc -ce 1hs -dl 1jd -et 1kt -g5 1me -hd 1nu -il 1pf -jt 1r0 -l5,1qu -l7 1rp -li 1sn -lu 1tr -m6 1us -mc 1vq -mi 20p -mf 21q -m2 22o -ld 23i -kf 24a -j8 24u -i2 25i -gq 267 -ff 26q -e2 278 -ck 27a -b5 276 -9l 26q -8d 264 -7a,263 -7c 25h -6o 250 -68 248 -5q 23k -5b,2cs -8s 2cj -7o 2c0 -6n 2ba -5l 2aj -4n 29q -3m 292 -2i 289 -18 27n -3 273 14 267 28 25b 36 249 44 22u 54 21i 5s 203 6g 1uf 74 1sr 7o 1r7 8d 1pj 8t 1o2 97 1mo 9c 1ld 9f 1ka 9e,2b1 -eu 2av -g5 2an -hj 2ag -j0 2aa -ka 2a5 -lo 29v -n5 29r -oh 29q -pt 29t -rd 2a2 -su 2a9 -uh 2ai -104 2as -11p 2b7 -130,2eo -sl 2fh -to 2gd -up 2hd -vp 2if -10p 2jh -11p 2ks -12s 2mc -142 2nt -159 2o5 -16h 2ob -17t 2p4 -19c 2q1 -1al 2r0 -1be 2s5 -1c2 2ti -1cs 2uq -1dn 305 -1el 31j -1fm 332 -1go 34i -1hr,34h -1ht 35c -1i9 364 -1ip 372 -1ji 386 -1kk 397 -1lj 3ah -1mc 3bu -1ms 3df -1n1 3el -1mp 3fk -1m6 3g9 -1ld 3gd -1kj 3g4 -1jl 3fv -1in 3fr -1hq,3iq -1n7 3ir -1m8 3it -1la 3j2 -1k4 3jm -1it 3kf -1hr,3ir -1n3 3jn -1no 3kh -1o9 3li -1og 3mq -1oj 3nr -1o0 3ol -1nd 3pe -1ml 3q5 -1lu 3r3 -1l9,43q -1nm 43p -1mo 446 -1lk 445 -1kc 444 -1j8 43m -1i8 435 -1ha 42l -1gc 41t -1fc 415 -1e4 40b -1cp 3vo -1bi 3v6 -1aa 3ui -190 3ts -17o 3t5 -16o 3s5 -15o 3r1 -14p 3pt -13l 3ou -12m 3ns -11i 3mr -10b 3lv -ve 3l0 -uj 3k4 -u0 3im -tt 3h0 -tr 3f7 -tn 3di -ti 3bs -tb 3a5 -t2 38d -sr 36l -sm 34q -so 32v -sv 313 -t9 2v6 -tk 2tb -tj 2rh -td 2pp -t4 2o6 -sl 2mv -s3 2lh -rl 2k3 -r5 2is -qf 2ht -pk 2h8 -ol,2h8 -ol 2gk -nn 2g3 -ms 2fq -lu 2fp -l2,1ik 9f 1hi 9o 1gk 9o 1fi 9k 1em 9g 1dt 9b,1c4 9g 1c0 ag 1bn bm 1b5 co 1ab do 19a ep 186 fq 176 gm 16c hd 15k i1,10r 6g 10r 89 10r ad 10r cb 10r dv 10m fh 109 hc vm j8 v1 l5 v3 n0 vk oo 103 qg,462 -2be 47u -297 4a6 -26a 4bq -240 4da -21r 4en -1vs 4gj -1t6 4ie -1qa 4jm -1o4 4ku -1ls 4m6 -1jl 4nc -1hg 4oh -1fe 4q6 -1ch 4rq -19n 4tb -16p 4uo -13u 505 -117 51g -ul 52q -s9 538 -q1 52l -o0 521 -m7 51e -kl 50p -iq 506 -h7 4vl -fs 4v3 -ei 4uk -dj 4ue -cj 4ui -bl 4r4 -bp 4n2 -br 4jc -bm 4gg -ba 4e1 -as 4ba -9n 498 -85 47e -6i 45o -51 440 -3i 41s -2d 3vn -1f 3tj -o 3rm -9 3q1 -5 3o9 -c 3mo -j,o3 t0 os v6 q7 11d rd 13d sg 155 tg 16n ud 183 10a 198 12c 19n 146 1a5 15q 1ai 17q 1at 19g 1b8 1b7 1bt 1cp 1cg 1ej 1d6 1g4 1do 1hh 1e3 1j2 1e2 1kc 1e1,209 1ao 21q 1a5 23a 19b 250 188 26t 16r 28r 159 2aq 13g 2cm 11h 2ek vd 2gm t4 2is qm 2l4 o6 2na lp 2pc ji 2rc hg 2t9 fh 2v3 dj 30s bq,1cc 1bu 1dk 1br 1ev 1bf 1g4 1ar 1h3 1a1 1ht 195 1in 185,312 c3 32l bg 34q b3 36t b2 392 b9 3bb bk 3dn cc 3g1 dd 3i8 ei 3kc fq 3me h3 3ok ib 3r0 jh 3th ke 3vv l6 42b ln,3ms -n 3kc -1c 3hp -22 3fg -2q 3de -3k 3bj -4g 39t -5d 38d -69,4ig ne 4kd n4 4mr mj 4pl lr 4sh ko 4vc jd 527 hm 54t fm 57b di 59j b9 5bn 8l 5dn 60 5fk 38 5hf h 5j3 -28 5kg -55 5lo -7u 5mv -ai 5o5 -d1 5pa -fb 5qe -hi 5rh -jl 5sl -ll 5to -ni 5ur -pc 5vs -r4 612 -sq,5nf -s3 5ng -tt 5nh -vp 5ng -11q 5ng -13s 5ng -15r 5nh -17m 5nj -19j 5nn -1bl 5ns -1dm 5nr -1fm 5nr -1hq 5ns -1k5 5nv -1mj 5o4 -1p1 5o9 -1ri 5og -1u4 5on -20n 5p0 -238,612 -sp 614 -va 616 -12b 617 -14s 618 -17c 619 -19n 61b -1d5 61d -1gk 61f -1iv 61k -1md 61q -1pj 623 -1sk 62c -1vg 62n -227 633 -24q 63g -279 63l -29l 63d -2bu 637 -2e3 634 -2g7 633 -2i9 633 -2k9 636 -2m7 639 -2o4 63e -2q0,5p0 -23c 5mf -243 5k0 -24p 5hn -25d 5el -264 5bq -26j 58s -26t 55q -270 52t -26o 50b -26h 4u2 -26c 4rt -26o 4po -27i 4nr -28o 4m3 -2a3 4kf -2bj,4kl -2bm 4j2 -2c0 4he -2c6 4g0 -2cc 4ee -2ch 4cp -2cs 4b1 -2dk 496 -2el 47d -2fr 45q -2h2 44e -2i3 439 -2iv 42a -2jq,3il -2km 3hl -2kg 3gd -2k3 3f2 -2js 3dn -2jo 3c3 -2jn 3ac -2jp 38j -2j4 36m -2ig 34l -2i0 330 -2ho 316 -2hj 2va -2hh 2t7 -2hf 2r3 -2hf 2ov -2hf 2mt -2hg 2kq -2hg 2in -2hg 2gk -2hg 2eg -2hh 2ce -2hh 2ac -2hi 28b -2hh 26b -2hh 24b -2hi 22c -2hj 20d -2hl,4ip n9 4hl no 4gc o6 4f9 p1 4ec pu 4dl r1 4d1 sd 4ch tu 4c5 v9 4bn 10p 4a4 11s 48c 12t 46j 13v 44s 153 436 165 41h 172 3vu 17r,428 lo 42q ld,3vv 17i 3ut 18i 3tn 19o 3s5 1am 3qf 1bm 3ob 1cp 3m1 1du 3jk 1f4,3jk 1f4 3hd 1g7 3ff 1ha 3do 1if 3c8 1jg 3as 1kd 399 1le 37t 1ma 36o 1n2 351 1no 32b 1o7 2vo 1op 2t9 1pd 2qu 1q4 2on 1qr 2mk 1rk 2ko 1sc 2it 1t0 2gq 1t7 2ek 1tc 2cf 1tg 2ak 1tb 28u 1su 27a 1sb 25p 1rg 24c 1qj 230 1po,1mt 1ra 1lo 1qr 1kp 1qc 1jo 1pr 1ie 1p9 1gq 1ot 1fa 1on 1dm 1oj 1bu 1og 1a6 1o7 18b 1no 16e 1n2 14f 1m7 12v 1li 11e 1ks,11g 1kp vv 1k3 ud 1j7 su 1ic r6 1hb pm 1gf o6 1fk mi 1er l0 1ds jk 1ce io 1b0,io 1b0 ht 19c h0 17t g1 16g f2 154 e2 13q d4 12d c5 111 b6 vn a7 ud 91 sl 89 qk 7f oj 6u mu 6f le 5v jm 5j i0 4u gp 3r g7 2j g7 1i gb f ge -12 g8 -2d fq -3n f9 -4o en -5v dm -70 cn -7r bv,4a ak 5k bc 6p cc 7p db 8m ef 9g fm a7 gq av i6 bi jf c1 kg,-ak 2s -ab 1q -9u q -96 -8 -8b -12 -77 -1n -61 -2a -4s -33,-7k bt -8a b5 -8o a9 -96 9e -9e 8b -9l 77 -9r 68 -a1 5a -a8 4e -ad 3k -ag 2o,-7q bn -7d c9,46 ah 3e a5 2n 9n 21 9a 1e 8t,2cs -8r 2dg -95 2e6 -8v 2eo -8d 2f4 -7h,1rk -29m 1qi -28t 1pb -282 1oa -278 1na -26c 1m8 -259 1la -249 1kb -234 1jb -21t 1i9 -20k 1h4 -1v8 1fu -1tq 1eo -1sb 1dh -1qr 1ca -1p9 1b3 -1nn 19r -1m4 18j -1kg,13u -1bo 13j -197 12g -170 118 -14g 105 -128 v6 -106 ub -ub ti -sn ss -r8 s2 -ph rc -o1 qq -mm,-ab a -9k -1b -93 -3n -8l -6a -89 -93 -7v -c4 -7m -fa -7g -ho -7b -ka -78 -mp -77 -p6 -78 -rg -7j -uu -88 -128 -8u -15a,-7s -d7 -7m -bo -7d -ab -76 -91 -6v -7v -6i -6k -5p -5f -51 -4j -4f -3o,-ac 4a -aa 3b -a9 2e -a7 1g -a6 k -a5 -8##B 82 4v 2t,B 4p 4d 36,B 4a6 v8 r,B 4ai tb 5,B 4bi ts t,B 4b3 qm u,B 4cp rl t,B 4bn rt c,T 281 -ds,T q6 -nj,T 30r -c5,T 3ia -1dq,T -5p -1a,T -4g -5p,B -6r -b3 56,B -72 -f5 5k,B -6d -jd 5n,B -67 -oa 5k,B 22r -2id 8j,B 2aj -2id 8g,B 2o9 -2i7 8c,B 32u -2ip 8b,B 34k -2j4 8d,B 387 -2k3 81,B 3bp -2ks 84,B 3ei -2kg 8c,B 3ec -2l6 89,B 3hh -2l9 87,B 43h -2jh 9i,B 44m -2ig 9n,B 46b -2ha 9l,B 492 -2fg 9g,B 4e5 -2d7 9a,B 4hf -2cm 8u,B 4io -2dd 8j,B 4mn -2ab 9p,B 4p2 -294 9f,B 4r0 -27q 9p,B 4t7 -27a 9a,B 4v5 -27e 95,B 518 -27i 8m,B 53t -27u 8d,B 55p -27u 8f,B 58b -281 8p,B 5ci -27k 8r,B 5hm -26f 8t,B 5jm -25u 94,B 5me -25d 93,B 5p1 -24i 94,B 5vr -242 9k,B 5ug -23f 9p,B 5tl -21j 9u,B 5u9 -22k a0,B 5vl -237 9n,B 613 -23n 9v,B 2ir 1sg 7s,B -8o i 1q,B -7n 17 17,B -8i 1s v,B -9a 2b p,B -8l 3f d,B -9a 3t 8,B -9g 5j b8,B -94 6t b8,B -8r 86 b6,B -9a 7t b3,B -86 9m ao,B -75 be al,B -61 cl ad,B 1a 9g 95,B 3n b6 9e,B 2j ah 9m,B 4i bn 9d,B -52 df a0,B -3h di a2,B -3e eq 9t,B -1q f6 9l,B -1k e5 8r,B t f9 8e,B t ej 8n,B 7s js aj,B 9i mq af,B 9m op ah,B 9d q1 ao,B b7 rd aj,B bp sm ac,B aq s8 ac,B d1 ub ah,B ck vf a9,B e5 10a am,B df 11i an,B f0 12d ad,B gh 14g ad,B io 184 am,B hc 16n ah,B k0 19c a7,B ik 198 aa,B l0 1ba ab,B kr 1cs ai,B n0 1dm 9m,B q2 1fs 9j,B u4 1hm 9e,B 10k 1j3 9d,B 144 1l1 9c,B 16b 1m0 9a,B 1bl 1nd 96,B 18n 1mi 94,B 1ds 1nq 92,B 1h3 1nq 8u,B 1jj 1oc 9d,B 25k 1pl 9l,B 280 1qk 9c,B 26k 1r2 9f,B 29q 1rs 9c,B 2b7 1rf 98,B 3rk 19a 7g,B 40q 15i 7i,B 450 12p 7h,B 4ba p2 1a,B 4d6 o2 1r,B 4fo nv 1i,B 4ea ot 1j,B 4cs pr 1i,B 5pe -i3 t,B 5nk -fr 10,B 5n6 -dj o,B 5lc -as s,B 5jp -7n r,B 5il -3t l,B 5gl -23 u,B 5fv -a p,B 5eh 1d q,B 5d6 3l r,B 5bj 5m 11,B 5a1 8c t,B 58m 9o 19,B 57i ba 18,B 567 cl 1b,B 54r e1 19,B 52r f5 1g,B 51f gg 1i,B 4up hr 1p,B 4sa jd 1q,B 4r6 k3 1q,B 4pc kp 21,B 4ni l7 24,B 4l3 lt 1u,B 4i5 m4 2c,B 4fm m4 23,B 3hi -us 8b,B 3le -10h 7f,B 3ot -145 71,B 3qs -167 75,B 4h7 -cm 7t,B 4ii -ce 84,B 4ji -d3 81,B 4l4 -c7 8a,B 4lu -df 80,B 4n8 -cf 8d,B 4qu -d2 87,B 2gm qo 1g,B 2g0 ru 1a,B 2el sv 1h,B 2e1 ug 1d,B 2d8 uj 1c,B 2c5 ur 11,B 2c0 10i 12,B 2ap 11p 1d,B 29l 115 1d,B 3ou -4f 9b,B 3ce -6b 99,B 3ce -5a 9a,B 3ea -5g 96,B 3j4 -48 96,B 3h8 -3r 9i,B 3kc -37 99,B 3o4 -26 9f,B 3qq -30 94,B 3u5 -3e 90,B 2rk ec 1f,B 2po gf 19,B 2og gf 18,B 2og ib 1d,B 2mr ib 19,B 2me k0 1b,B 2lj jc 1j,B 2kv lf 1h,B 2i2 nb 17,B 2jn mg 1l,B 2h7 op 1k,B 2fb p7 1k,B 1hc 180 1i,B 1ft 18k 12,B 1ef 19s 18,B 1bv 1am 1l,B 1a3 19s 2k,B 187 19l 2q,B ta v9 3l,B 47f -av 7j,B 4ld -h0 7g,B 4up -o9 69,B 4rs 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