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MY levels keep getting shorter and shorter and more and more sadistic.

5r 4l 69 3s 6k 30 6t 23 79 11 7l -3,-6t 5q -6e 6h -5q 77 -55 7o -4b 85 -3e 8f -2g 8l -1j 8p -o 8q,-i 8n b 8k 19 8f 27 8a,hh 1f ia 2s iu 44 jc 54 jr 65 km 77 le 89#hf 1b ip i n2 7m ll 8m lb 85,l9 85 mm 72,m9 6b lg 6q lv 7g,lh 6q ko 7b,k8 6l lo 5k,l6 4n jq 5q,kb 58 kv 63,j6 4h kb 43 kt 4u,kb 45 kl 3u,kb 39 in 3o,jf 4a j5 3h,ia 32 jq 2e,jv 37 jg 2g,jb 1o i0 2b,im 2m id 22,hr 1l j0 13,ik 19 is 1s,i2 1e hp 11,hu 1g hk 1l,hk 8 in -b,h2 -8 h2 -1e,gb a f6 3,ge u f8 2c,ha q id 1q,-i 1n 0 29,0 29 14 2g,14 2g 2f 1g 33 -b 2f -2a c -33 -1b -2n -38 -11 -3d 1c -2i 46 -17 5e 16 5b 47 3k 52 1c,50 1c 4r -11,-h 1k -9 1 n -m 1b 2 k t c b n 2 s 17 -o e -b -13 1b -1f 2i m 2b 3f -q 4n -2i 1e -1a -1n 2o -3e 4o -21 5r 1h 4p 6p 1l am -51 ba,-g 1j -h 1o,k 2 1g -a,1g -c 1v o,1v m 11 1r,11 1p -15 v,-17 v -14 -1a 11 -2b 37 -2n 52 -a 5d 25 3v 4n -c 6c -4b 4s -4n 1c -2p -3h,-2n -3h 1b -4a,n b -v 1r -7 41 2e 48 4a 12,49 12 1i -40 -2l -5a -ab -1t -b9 4q,7 -oa -17 -ne -1f -l8 -r -j7 15 -jr 28 -lj 2e -kd 4k -l3 5d -m9 68 -kq 7s -kq 9h -m1,9h -m4 a5 -oa,a3 -oc 7s -pi,7l -pl 52 -pu,4t -pu 3e -pa,34 -pa 2j -nu,2i -nu 1f -p5,16 -p6 2 -oa,2e -o2 2d -n2,7l -pk 71 -oc,6k -kg 81 -io 6d -fv 8c -dc 4a -98,49 -98 7i -dp,7e -dp 5n -g1,5n -g4 71 -j8 4t -ls,6k -ki 6k -ku#T h0 f,B dc 5k 21,B bs 53 26,B a5 6a 28,B 8m 5s 2b,B 6v 6u 2c,G 5f -jt 5n,G 4h -kc 5k,G 3q -it 5h,G 3e -it 5k,G 4f -io 5k,G 2v -j4 5k,G 3t -ju 5i,G 3j -jt 5m,G 34 -ju 5k,G 2f 75 1q,G 1s 7c 1s,G 1c 7k 1p,G h 7u 27,G -6t 2n 5c,G -62 63 4d,G -69 5a 4t,G -6k 4a 55,G -6n 1t 5k,G -6d 7 5p,G -5p -14 6b,G -4p -2h 6i,G -3o -3p 6o,G -2v -4f 6o,G -1l -4u 7e,G 2 -5d 83,G 2b -51 8t,G r -59 8n,G 32 -4l 97,G 4k -3h 9p,G 5p -2f a1,G 6d -1b at,G 6i -4 b8,G 6f 1p 7,G 3q 65 17,G 58 4e v,G 65 31 j,G 4k 5b 10,G 39 6o 1h,G -7 7s 2l,G -1u 7s 2q,G -3e 7p 2v,G -4u 75 3h
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