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Ok, this is rubbish and easy, but it's my first level. 3 goals to collect.

-18 1i 18 1i,1a 1k 68 2i au 53 ek 7n h8 a2 kh dc,kj de ns hr qd nm,qb no sd 100 tn 11d,tn 11b 13k 149,13k 147 16m 14o,16o 14r 1b8 14m,1ba 14m 1fn 13h,1fn 13g 1it 123,1iv 123 1ll 113 1ne 107,1ng 107 1ou ut 1pl tj 23l r4 29a r4 2ct s7 2hc u8 2ko 106,2kn 107 2op 13j 2vj 19m 34t 1cb,34v 1cb 38d 1f2 3kk 1ji 3ve 1qq,3ve 1qs 472 28u 4d4 2gr 4jm 2j8,4jp 2j8 4pk 2l0 52a 2ku 56r 2ib,56t 2ib 5bn 2ce 5hi 26n 5lf 24c 5ua 223,a7 5n -9u -1f,5u9 224 65v 1uh 6d5 1st 6g4 1pr,6g4 1pp 6mc 1mi 6r2 1ib 70r 1fh,70r 1ff 79a 19c,-3d g -2p -k -27 -1u -1m -34 -18 -43 -r -50 -g -5q -6 -6g 3 -74 1g -6i 2l -5q 3q -54 4s -4b 5t -3h 70 -2i 7t -1o 91 -u a9 -e bm -2 d5 b em p g8 18 hr 1q j9 2f kk 35 m1 3s nd 4c oj 4g ps 4g r7 4p sg 55 ts 5k vb 66 10s 6r 12e 7h 142 88 15n 8v 17d 9o 193 am 1ap bm 1cg cp 1e8 dv 1fs f8 1he gj 1j0 hu 1kk in 1mb j6 1o2 jd 1pp je 1ri j4 1ta ik,1ta ik 1v1 i2 20p hg 22g gt 244 g7 25n ff 27a el 28s dq 2ae ct 2c2 bv 2dm b1 2fe a5 2h7 9d 2j3 8u 2l0 8l 2mt 8h 2oq 8j 2qn 8m 2sk 8s 2ug 95 30d 9h 329 9u 345 ae 361 b0 37t bk 39o ch 3bh dp 3cr et 3e2 g5 3f9 hc 3gf ij 3hm jq 3is l1 3k2 m7 3l8 ne 3mf ol 3nl pr 3or r2 3q2 s9 3r8 tf 3sf um 3tm vs 3ut 113 406 129 41g 13f#-95 -h -a6 t,-97 -h -8m r,-8m r -a3 p,-79 c -89 h -84 1i -76 1d -7c c,-6v h -6q 23 -64 1d,-66 1d -64 23 -56 u,-5i 28 -4k 10,-4k u -4h 2a -40 15,-3a 18 -40 31,-3m 23 -2m 2d,-2j 1h -2r 38,-29 1r -2e 34,-1t 1s -21 33 -19 3t,-1b 21 -1b 2q 3 3j,1b 3d 8i 5u 7e 55,8d 5t 7c 5t,-14 -4e 26 -3j,26 -3j 4m -4g,7h -23 b1 -8g,b1 -8g h9 1f,90 -4q dh -4c,fv -12 jp -52,jp -54 mf 3g,kt -1d go -1s,ta 5f ur ho,vi g2 up o9,12o 7o 132 f1,12j ed 150 nv,157 ng 14j ru,18s ak 18n ik,18g ic 1ch qf,1cj q5 1bh su,1dp dq 1d5 j0 1i4 sk,lm 14 r9 -7c,r9 -7f v5 5n,ta -f np -1u,u5 25 16c -4l 1at af,18g 2h 10n 1o,1aq a5 1f8 2m,1f8 2j 1hl dg,1d2 6d 1g8 79,1gs ds 1n5 3a,1n5 37 1tf gr,1qb a2 1j7 97,1ro d3 21g -10,21g -13 288 cn,253 6g 1uf 6g#T 5qv 1rf,B 3p6 1lm 3q,B 3c2 1fj 3f,B 32c 19v 3o,B 1p 12 36,T 1s9 od,B 8cd 62t 5l,B 62g 1vc 1r,B 5si 21l 27,B 6d4 1ri 1i,B 6mq 1ld 1b,B 716 1e2 1m,T 784 18q,B 5kr 23u 22,B 5gi 26o 1d,B 5e7 28p 1a,B 5ba 2bi 1d,B 57v 2fi 1d,B 55d 2i9 1d,B 529 2ju 1u
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