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I like the gravity function! Here's an attempt at a level using it, more of a demo really...

-18 1i 18 1i,51 -2a 3r -2a 2n -29 18 -2a -2 -2b -1d -2a -2k -2a -3o -2a -4u -2a,50 -2a 5q -1m 6n -11 7f -f 88 5 99 r,-9m e -91 1c -86 2f -7d 3e -6m 4a -60 5g -5d 70,-4j 9b -3m 9a -2g 9a -1b 9i -2 a1 11 a6,43 a3 4s a0 5n 9n 6g 9a 77 8q 7o 86 86 7e 8g 6n##G 8j r 3v,T 8n 1b,G 7h 6a u,G -1g 8o 2s,G -5c -1d 6u,G 3n 1t b8
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