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Here's another level, which is also bloody tricky. Though it's also more minimal and idea-based and a better level overall.

-18 1i 18 1i 22 1a 2q q 3e 6 3u -c,57 -1f 5s -1q 6m -21 7h -25,8r -17 94 -m 9k -5 ak 7 bt e,cs 1a di 1a e7 1a ev 18 fm 14,gs 12 hk r id l j7 e,j5 e jq c ke 6,n2 4 no -7 op -f,or -h ph -c q4 2 qj j,n1 4 mg d,mf c lt g,oo -g p8 -d,rs -d sg -j t3 -p tp -10 ub -1b,rq -e rc -4 r6 d,12u -1g 13j -14 149 -m 14v -4 15h g 15v 12,uh ba vd ba 10d ba 11d b9 12b b9 135 b9,1c4 d0 1cq d8 1dj di 1ed ds 1f7 e3 1g8 ee,134 ba 13s b3 14n ao 15e ac,1h3 fo 1hr g8 1ip gv 1jm hn 1km i9,1l2 kr 1lt kr 1ms kj 1nr k5 1om jk 1pc j0,1l3 kq 1kf kq 1jl l4,1hu li 1h3 le 1g6 l4 1fa kq#-3 -6k -18 -5m -1d -3l -1b -2i -8 -1n 16 -2v 12 -42 -1 -41,27 -31 33 -6h 46 -2a,2c -49 3m -49,5j -6i 5j -34,5n -6h 6t -6a 74 -54 5l -41,a9 -6m 8m -66 8b -58,89 -58 8q -4k ah -43 av -33 ah -22,af -22 8j -2c 7s -37#T 1rn h0
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