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Here's the code for my first level.

9c -a mq k,-42 u 26 2g 9c -a ak -u,30i 35s 286 3h4,j2 -5a jq -5e ki -5c lb -57 m1 -4t n3 -4j o0 -47 os -3o pr -3a r2 -2t sa -2j tp -2c vb -2b 10n -2e 125 -2i 13m -2p 158 -31 16s -3c 18g -3o 1a6 -49 1bs -4t 1dj -5i 1fb -69 1h4 -71 1it -7q 1km -8k 1mg -9e 1ob -a9 1q5 -b5 1s0 -c2 1tp -d1 1vh -e3 216 -f8 22r -ge 24e -hl 260 -it,aa -u j2 -5a,2h8 -jm 2i0 -ja 2ir -io 2js -hv 2l0 -h3 2m6 -g3 2ne -fb 2op -ei 2q7 -do 2rn -cu 2ta -c4 2v0 -bd 30m -ar 32e -ac 347 -a1 361 -9p 37t -9m 39p -9o 3bl -9u 3dh -a6 3fb -ak 3h3 -b5 3iq -bq 3kb -ci 3lj -d8 3mm -e1 3ng -en 3o9 -fh 3p3 -gh 3q2 -hl 3r0 -in 3rv -jp 3st -l0 3ts -mb 3ur -nq 3vq -pb 40n -qv 41f -sn 427 -uf 42n -109 42v -122 432 -13s 435 -15o 435 -17k 434 -19h 430 -1be 42l -1db 426 -1f7 41j -1h3 40p -1j0 3vm -1kn,3vm -1kn 3uh -1md 3t7 -1o0 3rl -1pg 3qc -1qh 3p2 -1ri 3nn -1sg 3ma -1tb 3kp -1u4 3j4 -1un 3hb -1v6 3fh -1vh 3dm -1vr 3br -204 39v -20c 382 -20j 365 -20m 347 -20j 32a -20b 30f -1vv 2ul -1vg 2ss -1v0 2r2 -1ud 2pa -1to 2nj -1t1 2lt -1s8 2k9 -1rb 2im -1qd 2h7 -1pa 2fs -1o3 2el -1mm 2dh -1l7 2ce -1jn 2ba -1i6 2a9 -1gj 29c -1f0 28h -1dc 27r -1bo 27c -1a4 274 -18h 26v -16f 26t -14c 26q -12b 26k -109 26d -u9 265 -s7 25t -q6 25k -o6#i4 -50 ku -1s,i4 -50 n4 -76 ku -1s#T 278 -p0,B 3n2 -1rm 9h,B 3ps -1pq 9o,B 3tk -1mm 9r,B 42a -180 b8,B 42a -14s b8,B 41c -10g e,B 404 -se o,B 3v6 -pk i,B 3tu -o2 n,B 3sc -l8 r,B 3ro -ka 1d,B 3qg -j2 1d,B 3ps -hq 1d,B 3o0 -g8 m,B 3me -fk 1o,B 3ju -e2 1v,B 3gq -cg 24,B 3e0 -b8 1r,B 3b6 -ak 24,B 21u -gs 1v,B 1ts -e2 24,B 6i 0 1t,G 34qs 99iq 4j
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