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Originally posted by MDA
I'm only into the second chapter, but I'm having fun with it.

A bit like Diablo or Divine Divinity, but the combat takes a little more thought and I like the story better.
No wonder, it's based on the most known (and possibly best) Polish fantasy series.

Dialog is translated from Polish and a bit clunky sometimes, if I had to complain about anything its the little inconsistencies that seem to result from that. [...]
Has it been rendered as modern English with occasional anachronisms, or as archaic English?

I have the game, but haven't played much due to lack of time and performance problems (probably stemming from the fact the drivers for my laptop's graphic card haven't been updated for over 2 freaking years).

What I've seen, I liked. The combat system was weird at first, but once you learn to use it, it works nicely.
Austrian english would be completely different. It sounds like a nasal record player on sedatives.
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