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Yeah, I've played most of those games, especially the Amiga ones. Wasn't it the Atari ST that came with that 12 game pack though? Certainly Barbarian came with the ST. The Amiga 500 came with the mighty Interceptor, Batman, and The New Zealand Story in it's most popular deal, though other options were available. I remember there was a very cool Shadow of the Beast deal for a while, including a memory upgrade and flashy 'Bug' joystick.

I was looking for suggestions of actual classic coin-op arcade machines for my MAME emulator. Recently I've been playing Final Fight, Ikari Warriors and Paper Boy, as well as the awesome DoDonPachi and Batsugun top down shooters (as recommended by KG in that other thread ages ago). I want more ideas for stuff like that really. The problem with MAME stuff is that most games have dated really badly. It's rare to find one that is actually as good as you remember it first time around.

And the top-down racer thing was because at my local leisure centre there used to be a Badlands machine (a sequel to the pioneering Super Sprint in all but name). At the time it was probably my favorite game (very underrated) and it's still pretty cool. I want games like that.

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