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finally set up a wi-fi at home, and hence can connect to xbox live...

which I did yesterday briefly... a recap of my adventures

1/ just upon connecting, I see they've redone a sensible soccer port! used to love this game, I was playing it all the time on my amiga! great, let's download it. Started playing the demo. God this is shite. Only one button, and littles sprites on steroid. Did I really play that crap?

2/ let's move to the real thing, and boot PES6. Get there, find a quick match. Ok. The guy takes Ascoli !? all right, why not, I wanted to take Manchester, but will take Arsenal instead, there're a pretty average team in PES6 I find... but wait, just before hitting the "done" button, the guy changes at the last minute to take Inter! Ah. I see your type. He selects a team formation with everybody in the back, and Adriano alone up front. Ah. 30 mn into the game, I'm down 0-3. Ah. I get the feeling I'm being noobed here. I disconect. Fuck your statistics, wanker.

So, all in all, a wonderful experience.
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