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Music software recommendations

I want to experiment with a highly-specific musical experiment I'm calling "Sculpted Noise". To achieve this, I need to achieve two stages.


I'm looking to use a "thieving magpie" approach by ripping short (around 1 second) fragments of sound from my CD collection- single notes and the like. Then I want to attack these tiny fragments of sound by stretching them or generally buggering around.
I plan on assembling a complete blizzard of these very brief sounds over a number of looping bars so you get a chaotic deluge of samples all happening at once.


Once this looping collage is set up, I'll start removing samples from it. It's a scultural approach- I'll chip away at it until a song emerges from it (whatever that might be).

As I know bugger all about music software, can anyone suggest what could achieve this?
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