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A quick browse through my iTunes reveals the following questions...

Q. "Is he your boyfriend?" (Antifreeze)
A. Yes

Q. "Are we there yet?" (The Ataris)
A. Yes, they get there at the end of the song.

Q. "What's my age again?" (Blink-182)
A. He does say he's 23, but the question is rhetorical.

Q. "Don't you know who I think I am?" (Fall Out Boy)
A. Not answered

Q. "Is this thing on?" (Less Than Jake)
A. Not answered

Q. "What happened to you?" (The Offspring)
A. Rhetorical question, but it does explain in the song what happened.

Q. "Where have you been?" (Reel Big Fish)
A. With another crappy boyfriend, but again rhetorical.

Q. "Do you know what I love the most?" (Saves The Day)
A. Yes - describes his relationship.

Q. "What's it feel like to be a ghost?" (Taking Back Sunday)
A. Not answered.

I feel very sad for actually having done this...
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