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Picked the game up recently and I must say I quite enjoy it, though I have barely begun to scratch the surface of all the ways to play.

Playing as Germany I managed to take Poland, Holand, Belgium and France with no problems at all. I then launched operation Sea Lion by landing troops in Southern England and taking Birmingham so that my troops would be in supply. Once they were, capturing the rest of England was surprisingly easy, especially as I had air superiority.

The only somewhat disappointing issue is that England is still in the war due to them "owning" a capital in Canada. I think, I haven't read the manual properly. But you'd think that capturing all of England would lead to their surrender. Because the logistics of invading Canada when their fleet still kicks the crap out of mine are just nasty...

North Africa is proving somewhat difficult, as support issues (I think) keep eating away at troop effectiveness. I think that Oil is going to be a major problem soon as I just plain don't have much, and was hoping for a sweeping victory through Nth Africa to allow me to reach the Oil fields in the Middle East.

And then there's the daunting prospect of taking on Russia, which will make Operation Sea Lion look positively tame in comparison.

Haven't played a lot with research yet, have only built a few research facilities. It's probably something I should allocate a lot more effort to really.

All in all, am quite enjoying the game.
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