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Coincidentally, just found out they are playing in Bracknell soon. If anyone wants to win tickets:

I have been given 4 free tickets to give away for the forthcoming Animal Collective show At The Wilde Theatre - South Hill Park Arts Centre.

The show is on Sunday the 28th October, starting at 7.30pm.

To win them, all you need to do is simply e-mail me with a few words on why you like the band. Email - Remember to include your full name and where you're from.

I will announce the winners on here later next week.

The tickets would usually be £15! The winning tickets I'll leave behind reception with the names attached, so they can just be picked up on the evening of the show.


The Animal Collective is a group of world-travelling musicians from Baltimore, Maryland who have caught the imagination with their incendary live shows. Best described as psych folk or noise rock, their sound conjures up anything from The Orb to the twisted folk scene with drifting melodies and a strange otherworldly charm.

If you liked The Cinematic Orchestra, you’ll love this.
"If there's one band capable of sowing wild seeds of imagination, it's this lot. Their rich, acoustic songs simultaneously melt your heart and set it racing." The Guardian
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