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I've gone a bit crazy over the part few days, exploring and adding some 28 web-based station to my work iTunes. Including some right weird stuff, like a station doing discofox and dance versions of really bad german schlager.

Ones I can actually recommend: (which is just japanese incidental music, but picked by someone with taste and insight) (it's a station playing Uzbek pop all day! What more can you ask? Well, a higher bitrate would be nice.) (Darkwave-goth-EBM-industrial. I'm not sure why I like this stuff, but it's very nice to work to, very doom-laden.) (24 hour manele channel - pick Radio Party rather than Radio Active.) (ABF Underground = Minimal techno all day. A bit hard to work to I admit. The normal ABF channel is good too though.) (Good rare groove soul channel.) (Excellent and dutch, strange combination! 80s dance.)
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