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I like Mario Strikers Charged Football.
It's quite funny because it's very different from other football games and I like the comic style. Not really a party game, it's too complex, you gotta figure out some moves and tricks first.

I also played Gottlieb's Pinball Classic a lot, but that's mainly because I played some of the "real" pinball machines a lot. You gotta be a pinball enthusiast to relly love it. Very "laid back"

C@H gave me his copy of Rayman's Raving Rabbits, a very interesting combination of far out mini games. You gotta swing around the controlers A LOT.

I also own Blazing Angels, which is a simple WW2 air combat simulator. A nice game, but not a great Wii game, rather a classic computer game, like the old "Battle of Britain" series.

I didn't like the Zelda game too much. It's neither action nor RPG, it's sometimes boring and the dialogs are rolleyesy. However, it's a REAl BLOCk BUSTER game here, so it HAS to be good. Maybe for teenage nerds only ..

I hope Guitar Hero 3 will be nice

and I'm going to buy Mario Party as soon as it is out

List of Wii-Games
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