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RTS interest has waned because Dawn of War was basically the ONLY good RTS released since AoK came out. Even then, the depth of gameplay in Starcraft still eclipses anything ever released in the rest of the genre - I played it for two years and still felt like a fucking noob half the time.

It's NOT that the genre is inherently bad or outdated somehow. It's that virtually all the recent game design and production talent has been focused on MMOs and FPS titles. Probably with good reason, I mean, most design teams when asked 'Can you make a better Starcraft?' wouldn't be up to it. But ask 'Can you make a better Everquest?' and most people would be willing to give it a shot.

I'm cautiously optimistic. The downside to this announcement is that a lot of the people who made Starcraft the game it was have moved on from Blizzard.
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