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This announcement is because they've actually released some info and movies etc.

see here:

I generally really like RTSes, we had some really good fun on Warcraft III with other CGers, hopefully this'll be similarly entertaining (or more so).
Playing against people you know rather than kids who are practicing 12 hours a day does allow you to actually have a competitive match which is nice.

My main problem with RTSes is there can always be balance issues that mean to win you have to build in the 'best' order every time as fast as you can then click like crazy.

I liked Z Steel Soldiers and the Warhammer 40k games where your income was based on the territory you controlled not resource gathering so from the very start it was a military game. Mining, or even hunting boar in AoE is not the most interesting part of the game. Warcraft III made rushing quite interesting and adding creeps to the maps so you had some combat early also added a lot of depth so fingers crossed.

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