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so what we got?

answers below

I have:

1: the ring (one of the M&M guys)
2: jaws (big jaw on ground to left of M&M on steps)
3: The invisible man (to the right of the guy in the straight-jacket)
4: scream (above the big piranha)
5: Friday the thirteenth (the date in the hill side next to the corn)
6: se7en (on the wall on the right)
7: 12 monkeys (the monkeys)
8: silence of the lambs (to the right of the monkeys)
9: house of wax (on the left)
10: saw (on the tree to the left)
11: halloween (pile of pumpkin heads next to the stairs)
12: the fly (the fly on the hill)
13: The birds (on the right)
14: candyman (stick of rock dude on right)
15: The wickerman (next to candyman)
16: nightmare on elm street (bed next to corn)
17: piranha (never heard of it but a easy guess)
18: the texas chainsaw massacre (map of texas)
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