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Originally posted by Debaser
And the stuff she did with Moroder is still looked at very favorably isn't it? I don't think she's underrated at all really, it's not like she reinvented the wheel, she just sang some songs nicely, and she still gets the respect she's due.
Okay, how about all the other one-hit-wonder disco artists?

Van McCoy - brilliant philly producer with a string of great albums.

The Trammps - one of the top artists in philadelphia at the time.

Labelle - Patti LaBelle had a string of brilliant Electric Boogie records in the eighties.

Chic - obviously.

A Taste of Honey - fairly potent soul.

and a multi-hit wonder deserving a number all of his own:

9. Barry White - it's ridiculous that the creator of disco, producer supreme, writer of some of the hottest dance tracks ever has been reduced to a singer of smoochy love songs in the popular imagination.
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