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2- The Small Faces

Never mentioned in the same breath as The Who or The Kinks, due to the fact that they're written off as a joke band due to the wilder excesses of "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake". It's true that most of their best-known album only needs to be listened to once.

But the singles, man! The singles! Steve Marriott was the greatest white soul singer ever. No exceptions. He may have been only 5 foot 3, but he had a voice the size of Jupiter. None of the other "great" rock singers got near, and they knew it. Chuck in the fact that he was a sharp guitarist too, and had a great songwriting partnership with Ronnie Laine, and you've got a great band. Check out "All or nothing", "Song of a baker", Afterglow of your love" and "Tin soldier"- they're all classics.
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